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How to Improve Your Linkedin Content

Social media management is becoming increasingly difficult, with algorithms becoming more complex and additional platforms being introduced to the market. It can be quite overwhelming to keep track of it all, especially because different strategies work for different platforms. Fortunately, Linkedin is one of the simpler platforms offered. No matter whether your company is centered on a professional network or not, you should always create a Linkedin page. It can aid in legitimizing your business, which can be extra helpful if you own a small business. It also helps potential employees find and research you.

That being said, your Linkedin content should not be the same as Instagram or Facebook. It can certainly be similar, depending on the brand. You need to steer away from controversy, and overall maintain a professional image. This can be difficult to tiptoe around, so check out the list below for some topics that can help during your next content brainstorm.

  • Industry trends and issues

  • How technological trends impact your business/industry

  • Feel-good stories concerning your product

  • Industry-related tips

  • Share a poll to cultivate interest and engagement

  • Upcoming events or products

This article by Social Smarty also shares some great content ideas.

Perhaps your content is well-rounded, interesting, but you’re not getting the level of engagement you want. Read below to find a way to get noticed and fuel engagement.

  • Hashtags: I know this one seems simple, but many people never use hashtags or aren’t using the right ones. Think about who your target market is and where they are located, and do some digging about which hashtags are most popular for that group. Linkedin also suggests the most popular hashtags as you type them out.

  • Tagging: On Linkedin, you can tag people in photos or in the caption. When specifically creating an event, you can add speakers as long as they are connected to you. Tagging will encourage those individuals to comment or repost, bringing people to your page. If you’re a Virtual Marketing Assistant or Social Media Manager, this is a great tool to remind your clients to repost on their personal pages!

  • Create Events: There is an option to create events on your page, which I highly recommend taking advantage of. Simply add the event, add a cover picture, location, time, description, and speakers. The event can be either virtual, in-person, or a Linkedin audio event. Then you will be prompted to move onto the next page where you will create a catchy caption, such as an enticing question. Personally, I love utilizing this feature because followers can easily find the events, rather than needing to endlessly scroll. You can also easily repost those events on your feed, making it super easy to create consistent content.

  • Comment and Like: The best kept secret to Linkedin is to stay relevant! Interact with other individuals and business, develop meaningful connections, and create a network. Those types of connections are cultivated by consistent engagement, such as commenting and liking their posts. This will encourage them to also engage with your page.

There are always more ways to create engagement, and Linkedin has plenty of articles to help their users. Find one of my favorites here. Linkedin also has several features that every business should take advantage of, especially when trying to grow their following. This includes a comprehensive company profile, so that followers can instantly grasp the messaging and structure of your brand. Wordstream offers a very helpful list of Linkedin features, which is broken down into simple to more complex features.

As always, feel free to contact me for more tips and tricks!

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